Translation grant TRADUCTA

Traducta is a major literary translation grant funded by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Eesti Kultuurkapital). The Traducta grant has been established in order to encourage the translation of Estonian authors into foreign languages and facilitate the publication of Estonian literature abroad.

Requirements for applying:

  • the APPLICATION FORM of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia which can be found on their website
  • a contract between the translator and a foreign publisher confirming the publication of the translation
  • a contract between the foreign publisher and the owner of the Estonian rights
  • when translating a work of drama, a contract with a legal entity that is going to produce the work of drama
  • The translator should also include a CV and a list of previous published translations. (If the translator has already translated part of the book, a suitable excerpt may also be included with the application.)
  • Any translator of Estonian is eligible to apply for the Traducta grant.

Applications for this grant should be sent to the offices of the Cultural Endowment. The Traducta grant is issued at the sole discretion of the Cultural Endowment, which alone shall choose the recipient, and shall decide the value of the grant bearing in mind the size and difficulty of the book to be translated.

The deadlines for applications for the Traducta grant are four times a year: 20 February, 20 May, 20 August and 20 November and they should be sent to:

Eesti Kultuurkapital
23, Suur-Karja
10148 Tallinn

Tel (+372) 69 99 150

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