Tiina Aleman


Translating from Estonian to English, with a special emphasis on literary translation; translation editing; manuscript editing; copyediting; line editing; copywriting; proofreading; typography.



Selected poems and poetry excerpts by Marie Under for Under biography by Sirje Kiin, ongoing, USA

Dance of Life: the Tallinn Mass, Doris Kareva & Jürgen Rooste, CD, Warner Classics, UK, 2013

Screenplay of November by Andrus Kivirähk, for Homeless Bob Productions, Estonia, 2013

The Story of the Estonian Forest, selected poetry, Aigar Kallas, editor, RMK, Estonia, 2012

Selection of Kareva poems published in Being Human anthology, Neil Astley, editor, UK, 2011

Program notes for Purge, by Sofi Oksanen, operetta by Jüri Reinvere, Finland, 2012

Program text for the Tallinn Trialogos 2011 Festival, Estonia

Shape of Time, poems by Doris Kareva, published by Arc Publications, UK, 2010

Libretto, Requiem, by Jüri Reinvere, CD, Repinmedia, Germany 2010

Selection of Kareva poems published in Words without Borders, USA, 2010

Essay, The Art of Grieving, by Sofi Oksanen for jurireinvere.com, Germany, 2010

Essay, Photographer, by Doris Kareva published in ELM, Spring edition, Estonia, 2009

Poetry and text, A Second...A Century, by Juri Reinvere, CD, Repinmedia, Germany 2009

Selection of Kareva poems published in Dragonfire, USA, 2008

Selection of Kareva poems published in Words without Borders, USA, 2007

Selection of Kareva poems published in the Iowa Review, USA, 2006


Translation editing:

Numerous projects for Estonian UNESCO, 2005–present

Essay about Juri Reinvere’s work by Gerhard Locke for jurireinvere.com, 2010, Germany

Three (untitled) opera libretti of composer Juri Reinvere, 2009

Annual 2008 catalog for the Estonian Architects Guild’s ERAMU design show



Certificate in Editing from New York University’s Publishing Program; Fluent in English and Estonian, with a working knowledge of French, Spanish, and Italian; Selections of poems published in Mosaic and Dial; Estonian translations by Doris Kareva of my poetry have been published in Looming and Vikerkaar in Estonia; Book reviews published in Commonweal magazine; Attended translation seminars in Estonia given by the Estonian Literature Centre; Studied theatre at Boston University and English and American Literature at Hunter College.

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