Eric Dickens

29th January 1953 - 27th March 2017

Education: Grammar school, then University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 1971-1975. Intercalating year at Åbo Akademi, Åbo / Turku, Finland, 1972-1973.

Year in Kraków, Poland, learning basic Polish, 1975-1976.

Postgraduate certificate of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, University of Leicester, 1976-1977

A total of a further three years in Finland during the 1970s, teaching English and English conversation, to Finns and Finland-Swedes.

Further teaching of English as a foreign language in Sweden during the 1980s, including classes at the daily newspapers Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet.

Mother-tongue: British English.

Translated from Estonian, Swedish, and Dutch, etc.





- Jaan Kross: “The Conspiracy and Other Stories” (roughly the contents of Silmade avamise päev), 240 pages, Harvill, London, UK, 1995.

- Jaan Kross: “Treading Air” (Paigallend), 350 pages, The Harvill Press, London, UK, 2003.

- Mati Unt: “There Are Things in the Night” (Öös on asju), 220 pages, The Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois, USA, forthcoming, spring 2004.

- Friedebert Tuglas: “The Poet and the Idiot and Other Stories”, 338 pages, CEU Press, Budapest, Hungary, 2007. The short-stories included are as follows: (Estonian original titles) Vabadus ja surm; Kuldne rõngas; Arthur Valdes; Inimsööjad; Aja kaja (non-fiction); Rändaja; Mereneitsi; Õhk on täis kirgust; Poeet ja idioot; Androgûûni päev.

- Mati Unt: “Brecht at Night” (Brecht ilmub öösel), 210 pages, The Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois, USA, 2009.

- “The Dedalus Book of Estonian Literature” (anthology of 16 stories, editor: Jan Kaus), 304 pages, Dedalus, UK, autumn 2011. The short-stories included are by Gailit, Hindrey, Vilde, Liiv, Tuglas, Tammsaare, Ristikivi (novel excerpt), Valton, Kross, Unt, Saluri, Berg, Park, Sauter, Kõiv, Heinsaar.

- Jaan Kross: “Sailing Against the Wind” (Vastutuulelaev), 348 pages, Northwestern University Press, Illinois, USA, January 2012.

- Toomas Vint: “An Unending Landscape” (Lõppematu maastik), 280 pages, The Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois, USA, August 2012.


- Jaan Kross: “Estonian Nature” (Eesti iseloom; abridged), in Index on Censorship, (21/10 1992);

- Jaan Kross: “The Ashtray” (Tuhatoos), in the occasional periodical Leopard II, Harvill, 1993;

- Arvo Valton:” The Man With the Green Rucksack” (Rohelise seljakotiga mees) in the magazine Passport to Travel,1994;

- Rein Tootmaa: “We Gaze into the Tops of the Spruce Trees” (Me vaatame kuuselatvu), in Description of a Struggle, Picador 1994.

- Mehis Heinsaar: “Een ontmoeting in Taagepera” (Kohtumine Taageperas), in Baltsvluchten 2/2002. [My translation was subsequently translated into, and published in Dutch.]

- Elo Viiding: “Foreign Women” (Välismaa naised), in the annual publication Best European Fiction edited by Alexandar Hemon, Dalkey, 2010.


Doris Kareva: three poems in English on the Dutch Slavic periodical Sjtjiptjiki (februari 1989)

Friedebert Tuglas: “Notturno” (idem). Prose poem (plus travel pieces) into Swedish for Danish website.

I also helped with some of the translation work for Windship With Oars of Light, Huma, 2001.

Asko Künnap: several poems for Arc Publications, England 2003.

Poetry by Doris Kareva, Mats Traat, Elo Viiding and Hasso Krull (a total of 18 poems) in the Canadian anthology “The Baltic Quintet – Poems from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden”, Wolsak and Wynne, Hamilton, Canada, 2008.


Viivi Luik: “The Beauty of History” (Ajaloo ilu) [3 pages] in the anthology Description of a Struggle, Picador, 1994.

Excerpts in Estonian Literary Magazine by Peeter Sauter in ELM, Autumn 1998; Rein Raud, Autumn 2000, Andrus Kivirähk, Spring 2002.

Three excerpts from “Paigallend” appeared in the Dutch periodical Baltsvluchten 1/2003. I supervised the translation into Dutch and wrote an introduction describing the book.


Andrus Kivirähk: “A Major Battle Under the Walls of Bethulia” (Suurlahing Petuulia müüride all). Play, Eesti Raadio, 1996.

Jüri Tuulik: “The Cranes Are Departing” (Kurgede minek). Radio play [from manuscript for Eesti Raadio]. 1997

Tamur Tohver: “Unplugged” (idem). Radio play [from manuscript for Eesti Raadio]. 1997

Jaan Kaplinski: “Fire and the Drum” (Tuli ja trumm). Radio play [from manuscript for Eesti Raadio]. 1997

Toomas Raudam: “Embrace” (idem). Radio play [from manuscript for Eesti Raadio] 1997

Ervin Õunapuu: “The Supper at Emmæus”. Radio play [from manuscript for Eesti Raadio]. 1997


The text by Mati Unt for “Mõni mägi”, a photographic album by Tõnu Tormis, 1997

Estonia, 2002, a series of essays for the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 40 pages, approx.

A number of essays and interviews for the forthcoming English translation of “Eesti identiteet ja iseseisvus” edited by Jean-Jacques Subrenat [which appeared in Estonian with Avita publishers in 2001]. The authors represented there were Jaak Allik, Ea Jansen, Margus Laidre, Raimo Raag and Helga Nõu; the interviewers and interviewees were Jaan Kross, Jaan Kaplinski, Andrei Hvostov, Kalev Kesküla, Mart Laar, Harri Tiido, Paul-Eerik Rummo; plus one small poem by Hando Runnel.


Karl Ristikivi: “Night of Souls” (Hingede öö). Novel; 250 pages. (An excerpt from this novel has been published in “The Dedalus Book of Estonian Literature”, as above. This same excerpt appeared in the Estonian Literary Magazine (ELM) in 2010.) 

Karl Ristikivi: “A Mirror On Life” (Elupeegel). Short-story.

Karl Ristikivi: “Don Juan and the Maid of Orleans” (Don Juan ja Neitsi Johanna). Short-story.

Arvo Valton: “The Temple” (Tempel). Short-story.

Toomas Vint: “The New Minister of Theatre Awakens” (Teaterministri ärkamine) Short-story.

Jaak Jõerüüt: “First Tidings of Death” (Esimesi teateid surmast). Short-story.

Mati Unt: “The Disintegrator” (Desintegraator). Filmscript for a film by Tõnu Virve, first published in Looming; the film was never made.

Kärt Hellermaa: “Alchemy” (Alkeemia). Excerpt from the novel.

Mihkel Mutt: “Progressive Mice” (Progressiivsed hiired). Excerpt from the novel.

Jaan Kross: “The Ring of Mesmer” (Mesmeri ring). First 6 chapters of the novel.

Toomas Vint: “At the Weekend. Playing Games”. (Nädalavahetusel. Mängides). First chapter of the novel.

Doris Kareva: “Mandragora”. Some poems.

Kadri Kõusaar: Excerpt from the novel “Vaba tõus”.

Small excerpts from works by by Ristikivi, Nõu, Remsu, Mutt, Tuglas, Vanapa and Ehlvest.

Jaan Kross: Excerpt (around 19,000 words) from “Väljakaevamised”.


Review of the three books “40 kirja lugu” by Kiin/Ruutsoo/Tarand , “Armuaeg” by Doris Kareva and “Mõõk ja peegel” by Hando Runnel (for the publication PEN International 1/1992).

An article in Dutch for Tijdschrift voor Slavische [!] literatuur on Estonian literature in general (juli 1994)

Book reviews for the German publication Estonia on Karl Ristikivi's “Hingede öö” (2/1995), and on Kadri Kõusaar's “Ego” (2/2002).

An article in the Dutch Baltic periodical Baltsvluchten (2/1993) about the untranslated Estonian Karl Ristikivi;

Horisont (periodical), Helsinki. The above article was reproduced in Swedish about Ristikivi for the Finland-Swedish publication Horisont (3/1995). This may have been the first general and biographical article in the Swedish language about that author.

An article in Dutch for Oost-Europa Verkenningen (oktober 1995) about Baltic literature in general.

Various contributions and translations for the Estonian Literary Magazine between 1997 and 2003.

Short introductory articles about, plus excerpts from Mati Unt ( from: “Öös on asju”) and Mihkel Mutt (from: “Rahvusvaheline mees”) in Baltsvluchten.

Estonian Literary Magazine, Spring 2010 issue: translator’s comment on the translation of “The Dedalus Book of Estonian Literature” and a translate excerpt from Karl Ristikivi’s “Hingede öö” (called “Night of Souls” in English).


During the autumn of 2012, substantially revised and added to the existing English-language Wikipedia entries about Jaan Kross and Karl Ristikivi.



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