Toomas Vint (b. 1944) is equally accomplished as a novelist and a painter of Magrittean landscapes. He has studied biology at the University of Tartu. His first book was a short story collection Kahel pool hekiga palistatud teed (On Both Sides of a Hedged Road, 1974). Books of fiction have appeared since then, exploring his favourite themes such as sexual obsessions, social and erotic role-play, artistic creativity and the bohemian lifestyle, and the fragility of personal identity. His works have appeared in English, Russian, Finnish, French, Latvian and Italian. Toomas Vint has also been active as a forceful polemicist against post-modern conceptual art.

Toomas Vint has been awarded the prestigious Friedebert Tuglas Short Story Award for several times; in 2012 for Pettekujutelmade linnuparv (A Flock of Illusions) in the collection Kunstniku elu (Life of an Artist, 2011).


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