Martin Algus is an actor, screenwriter, playwright, dramaturg, and translator who has written scripts for several popular Estonian TV series and films. Among other awards, he has received Estonia’s most celebrated prize for humor and is often recognized for the genuineness of his dialogues – an exceptionally strong suit of his debut novel as well. 

Algus’s first novel Something Real received the 2018 Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s Award for Prose. The novel is an intense expedition that plunges the reader into issues of loneliness, foolishness, greed, as well as simple chance and curiosity.

Algus’s novel has likewise been staged as a play. Although he is a debutant in the world of prose, Something Real is the author’s sixteenth work of drama.  He has translated plays from English and Russian and his plays have been translated into English, Finnish, German, Swedish and Russian.

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