Urmas Vadi graduated in radio directing from Tallinn University. He has worked as a radio journalist, and is a writer, playwright and producer.
Vadi was the youngest author to win the New Drama Competition with the children’s play, Varasta veel võõraid karusid (That’s What You Get for Stealing My Bears!, 1999). Since then, his plays have been constantly on stage and repeatedly awarded; such as with the Annual Drama Award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment in 2010. Vadi has written film scripts and short stories (winning the prestigious Friedebert Tuglas Short Story Award in 2011). Fascinating in those genres, he has also written novels: the first one was Kirjad tädi Annele (Letters to Aunt Anne, 2010), a kind of fragmentary epistolary book. In 2012 appeared Tagasi Eestisse (Back to Estonia), which has been mentioned as one of the important novels of the year. In his novel Neverland (2017) Vadi addresses issues of identity. In 2019 appeared his novel Ballettmeister (Ballet Master) about the fate of the first president of the Republic of Estonia, Konstantin Päts, mixing the documentary with fantasy

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