Contra, a.k.a. Margus Konnula, is a poet and children's writer from Urvaste in Southern Estonia – a very unique ethno-futurist poet.

Born in 1974, he has worked as an English-language teacher and a post officer, and has been a screenwriter for television and a TV anchorman. The freelance poet and member of the Tartu Young Authors' Association likewise heads a farm in Võru County. His first collection, titled Ohoh!, was published in 1995.

Contra's predominantly Võru-language poetry was born with the support of newer folk song; the works are humorous and doggerel. The poems are undoubtedly singsong; the author himself – a shining performer – presents his creations in song. It has connections to punk singing, to rap and grunge. It is crude, includes wordplay, and the presenter is similarly a master of parody. The author indeed calls a portion of his work 'covers', which are derived from a number of well-known songs, and as an ironic new interpretation, they retain recognizable features of the originals: Nirvana (LP Nevermind) has been one of his favorites. Contra's texts are additionally complex and rich in allusion: the apparent simplicity is deceiving, with one example being the collection Tarczan (1999). The poet is an inventive and thrilling wordsmith – sharp in his topicality, and endlessly merry. Contra has also written children's poetry and stories: what by now number nearly a thousand sports poems make up a category of their own, while their author similarly competes in marathons and triathlons.

Contra is a laureate of the Oskar Luts Prize for Humor and the Bernard Kangro Award for Literature; in 2015 he was awarded the Estonian Cultural Endowment's Award for Children and Youth Literature.

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