Since 1989, the writer and musician Mait Vaik has played bass guitar in well-known alternative rock bands. Vennaskond (Brotherhood), Metro Luminal and Sõpruse Puiestee (Friendship Boulevard) owe him a number of popular song lyrics and, in some cases, music too. Altogether, around 150 of Mait Vaik’s texts have been set to music. His debut book Kõigil on alati õigus (Everyone Is Always Right, 2012) was a collection of poetry and lyrics.

Moving from song lyrics to prose brought the author almost instant success. The short story collection, reminiscent of a novella, ‘Juss ja vennad’ (‘Juss and Brothers’, 2013) established Vaik, garnering a high commendation for a short story in 2015 – the Friedebert Tuglas Short Story Award. A year later, he was recognised for his new short story collection Meeleparanduseta (Unrepentant), with Estonia’s highest prose award, conveyed by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. In 2018, Vaik’s first novel Kurvake sügis (Sad Little Autumn) was published, which was nominated for the European Union Prize for Literature in 2020.

Born in Tallinn in 1969, Mait Vaik is a highly original writer and exciting author. He often writes with a sad irony, melancholically and pessimistically, about an anti-hero at some breaking point in life. One of the first novel’s protagonists is an alcoholic clergyman and the other is a businessman, whose passage throughout the novel and conflicts with the next generation are communicated with intriguing black humour.

Mait Vaik has belonged to the Estonian Writers’ Union since 2016.




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