Jan Kaus (b. 1971) is an author of postmodernist short stories, poetry and novels. Kaus studied pedagogy and philosophy at Tallinn University, is active as an artist illustrating poetry books, and has played bass guitar in an underground band. 
As a writer, Kaus is a cosmopolitan; yet he is greatly inspired by Tallinn. He dedicated his third novel Hetk (Instant, 2009) to the city, and this scope is broadened by his remarkable, enjoyable prose poetry collection Miniatuurid (Miniatures, 2009), which consists of little colourful pictures of several cities around the world. Kaus has translated Finnish literature (by Sofi Oksanen, among others), and his own poetry has also been translated into Finnish, Russian and Swedish. Active as an essayist and literary critic, he was Chairman of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2004 to 2007, and annually organises the HeadRead international literature festival in Tallinn.
In 2015 Kaus received the annual prose award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment for his novel Ma olen elus (I Am Alive, 2014) and for the collection of miniatures Tallinna kaart (Map of Tallinn, 2014).

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