A song about life, that short little thing


Oh, life – that creature –
ran past us and by us in a flash.
Trees grew and were chopped down
houses were built and asphalt roads
were laid there. 

The snotty-nosed neighborhood
children grew up
and still didn't understand anything.
Or vice versa: they understood every
single thing, and that's why they kept quiet.

But you – life – were still short,
and my love for you was
that much greater. Such were my thoughts,
sipping my indignantly bitter tea from a paper cup
as a jackhammer ravenously penetrated
a stone surface somewhere behind the wall.

Everything happened – people did work
and some of them were even happy.
Maybe even we,
but it's still an entirely different sensation
to be happy together – not just
somewhere in this immense universe

And children were born, they were birthed,
put into daycares, from which they were left
with glowing memories.
Sent to school, from which even brighter ones came.
The smell of the cafeteria, of the gym, of the lavatory.
No one really called it the "lavatory".

Life, I love you
because there's nothing better.

I am a blemish on your filthy canvas,
I bet it all on a happy ending.

Translated by Adam Cullen

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