Eva Koff, a translator, editor, writer, and French language teacher, was born in Tallinn in 1973. She graduated from the University of Tartu in French language and literature. 

Koff began her creative career as a dramatist. Her first play Meie isa (Our Father) received 1st place in a 2001 playwriting competition organized by the Estonian Play Agency (now the Estonian Theater Agency). It centers around Jean-Claude Romand, a Frenchman who lived a double life and ultimately murdered his family, told from the perspective of his children. Emmanuel Carrère’s biography of Romand, titled The Adversary, was translated by Eva’s husband Indrek Koff, who is likewise an Estonian author and translator. 

Eva Koff has also written plays and scripts for television and radio dramas aimed at children and young adults, in addition to translating others’ works in the genre, such as by the Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb. The Koff couple has even written plays together: Tagasi (Back), which was staged in 2019 and nominated for the Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s Award for Drama, exhibits their fascination with Portugal and a belief that the two nations have a certain thread of longing in common. 

It came as no surprise when Koff soon made her literary debut as well. Sinine mägi (Blue Mountain) won 2nd place in the Estonian Writers’ Union’s 2017 novel-writing competition and was published that same year. The work earned her the title of Author of the Year in 2018. Alternating between the lives of three remarkable, poetic women in different time periods, Blue Mountain is an intuitive story about the possible and impossible realities that manifest in youth – both today and in earlier eras. The three young protagonists are just starting out in life, experiencing university and other challenges, and every road seems open. 

Eva and Indrek Koff run the Härra Tee & Proua Kohvi micropublisher (“Mister Tea and Missus Coffee”; a play on words with their surname).




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