Jaan Undusk

Jaan Undusk is an academician, an eminent interpreter of Estonian literature, a creator of meta-literature. A valued author of short stories, Undusk has also written three exquisite stage plays, all received with wide acclaim. Undusk has translated F. Nietzsche, Th. Bernhard, E. Lévinas, J. M. R. Lenz and other German and Baltic German authors into Estonian.

Saturday, 14 April

On Jaan Kross | Celebrating an Estonian icon

With Christopher MacLehose, Ian Thomson, Jaan Undusk

The late Jaan Kross is Estonia’s best-known and most widely translated author. He survived both the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Estonia, won countless awards for his writing, and was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Christopher MacLehose, Ian Thomson and Jaan Undusk discuss the life of an Estonian icon.

Christopher MacLehose is a British publisher and champion of translated fiction. He founded his eponymous imprint The MacLehose Press in 2008. He was previously publisher of  the Harvill Press (from 1984 to 2004). MacLehose has published works translated from more than 34 languages at Harvill and in ten years at MacLehose Press from 23 languages, and books by Jaan Kross at both houses.

Ian Thomson is a freelance journalist and writer. He was one of the last to interview Primo Levi and the first to journey in his tracks as a biographer. His biography Primo Levi has been highly praised and won the WH Heinemann Award.

Jaan Undusk is an academician and eminent literary scholar. He is also a celebrated novelist, playwright and short story writer. He is the director of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre.

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