New Books in English


Rein Raud, The Death of the Perfect Sentence (Vagabond Voices) – 2017
Meelis Friedenthal, The Willow King (Pushkin Press) – 2017
Jaan Kross, Between Three Plagues (MacLehose Press) – vol. I 2016, vol. II 2017, vol. III 2018
Anton Hansen Tammsaare, I Loved a German (Vagabond Voices) – April 2018
Anton Hansen Tammsaare, Truth and Justice (Vagabond Voices) – vol. I 2018, vol. II 2019
August Gailit, Toomas Nipernaadi (Dedalus Books) – Spring 2018
Kai Aareleid, Burning Cities (Peter Owen Publishers) – April 2018
Ilmar Taska, Pobeda 1946 (Norvik Press) – April 2018
Andrei Ivanov, Hanuman’s Journey to Lolland (Vagabond Voices) – Autumn 2018


Doris Kareva, Days of Grace (Bloodaxe Books) – April 2018
Kristiina Ehin, On the Edge of a Sword (Arc Publications) – April 2018
Andres Ehin, Ly Seppel, Shortening the Candle’s Wick (Little Island Press) – Spring 2018
Eeva Park, The Rules of Bird Hunting (Parthian) – April 2018
Veronika Kivisilla, Kai Aareleid, Maarja Pärtna, Helena Läks, Indrek Hirv, Mats Traat in the Baltic Poetry Collection (Parthian) – April 2018

Short stories

Mihkel Mutt, The Inner Immigrant (Dalkey Archive Press) – 2017
Maarja Kangro, Fireworks in Best European Fiction 2018 (Dalkey Archive Press) – 2017
Mehis Heinsaar, The Butterfly Man and Other Stories (Momentum Books) – April 2018
Estonian Feature of Words Without Borders online magazine – Spring 2018
Baltic Belles: The Dedalus Book of Estonian Women’s Literature (Dedalus Books) – Autumn 2018


Piret Raud, The Ear (Thames & Hudson) – Spring 2019
Contra, Everyone’s the Smartest (The Emma Press) – September 2018
Jonas Taul, A Serious Thought (Groundwood) – Autumn 2018
Eno Raud, The Gothamites (archipelago books) – Spring 2019


Jüri Talvet, Ten Letters to Montaigne (Guernica Editions Inc) – December 2019


Andres Kasekamp, A History of the Baltic States (Palgrave Macmillan) – 2018
Marika Mägi, In Austrvegr: The Role of the Eastern Baltic in Viking Age Communication across the Baltic Sea (Brill Academic Publishers) – 2018